Welcome to Clifty Ware House World, the leading supplier of parts for Chevy Camaro & Dodge in Indiana, indianapolis.

Need parts for your Camaro or Dodge? We’re the car parts specialist, catering for most models up to date. We stock a broad range of OEM, new replacement & tested used parts. As well as dismantling local models, we import parts daily within the USA.

Why buy from us?

  • We have many years in operation as an expert auto parts specialist in Indiana, indianapolis.
  • Our service & knowledge is second to none.
  • We supply quality parts at a reasonable cost.

We also carry a limited range of NOS (New Old Stock), NORS (New Old Reproduced Stock), rebuilt & used parts for the ever popular 50’s/60’s Mopars. Enquire now, you’ll be surprised at what we have on hand.


We ship USA -wide every weekday. Nothing is too big or small.

For more information or to order car parts, call us now at+1 (209) 233-0768.